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I have a list of binary rdata files. say

filenames<-c(f1,f2,f3 .... etc)

and I have a loadBinFile(fname) function which reads binary file and return a data frame. Then, how can I write a functional programming style 'coverge' that goes through the filenames list and increamentally builds an aggregated big data frame?

in kdb, it's something like

(),/loadFile[]  each filenames

any R equivalent?


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Try this:

do.call("rbind", lapply(filenames, loadFile))

It might be that this works but it depends on the content:

sapply(filenames, loadFile)
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If I understand you correctly, I think you want rbind.

big.df <- rbind(df1, df2, df3... dfn)

This will return a matrix but you can coerce with as.data.frame. Watch out too for column names, if those are important.

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