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I'm new to AS3, very out of touch with the flash platform since 2000s, and prefer not to use Flash pro. I compile using the FlashDevelop's FDbuild and FlexSDK. I want to not touch Flash Pro at all, and keep everything in pure AS3 code only (no mxml).

I've looked at other questions, but they don't yield the answers which will advance my understanding:

I do not want to blindly import blackbox libraries or pre-made skins without knowing how to actually create it from scratch.

I'd like to know how to create and use the skin class for various UI components in pure AS3. The Adobe documentation site search doesn't seem to come up with anything of use that I can reference or understand. Some kind of specification would be great if I can find them.

For example I want to style a button. The official documentation for buttons shows multiple inherited styles in the "Common Styles" e.g. disabledSkin, downSkin, overSkin, etc. From the documentation, it shows that those skin's type is Class.

Now The trouble is I have no clue, where to find description/documentation/specifications about what is inside the Class for those skins.

Question: If I were to create those skin classes from scratch in pure AS3, what would the code look like? (no mxml please) Are there difference between skins of different components?

I know I can embed external images using meta calls from AS3 files, and manually set hover/rollover and click behaviour to swap different background, but it would be great if someone can point me to a good direction to make use of those skins. If I can programmatically draw the styles, without using images, that'll save me lots of bytes too. It also seemed like they'll save me lots of manual work, decrease compiled file size, and help me increase my understanding on how things fits together.

Thanks in advance.

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look at the code for the mobile skins - theyre in the Flex SDK at [SDK ROOT]\frameworks\projects\mobiletheme\src\spark\skins\mobile –  user1901867 May 2 '13 at 22:21
@LeeBurrows Thanks, that's a good place to start! –  VKen May 9 '13 at 23:48

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