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My C# / Mono application needs to run on linux. I must have the ability to dump a foxpro dbf and to create a new foxpro dbf.

Any suggestions for either: 1) odbc for linux designed for Foxpro? or 2) a utility to read and create Foxpro files?

In many cases I have index (CDX) files and and in a limited set I also have the memo (FPT) files.

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I've used DBI:XBase in the past to migrate FoxPro tables into MySQL. I don't think it can handle the memo (fpt) though.

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If you use SAMBA and Ubuntu 13.04 or some other version Visual Foxpro or FoxPro dbf/fpt reads will work great.

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The entire process must run on the linux box so I can not connect to a windows server. I could not find odbc or any open source solution.

The best solution I found was www.codebase.com. I purchased Codebase for Linux, a library that will do everything I need and more.

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