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I have a Schedule which hasMany Events. Each Event belongsTo a Room.

I set up my options for a Contain'd find::

    $options = array(
            'conditions' => array('Schedule.' . $this->Schedule->primaryKey => $id),
            'contain' => array(
                'Event' => array(
            // Etc.

I find everything using:

$sched = $this->Schedule->find('first', $options);

I have an afterFind method defined on the Event's model; In that I copy the Room's name into the event's displayname so that the event can clearly identify which room it's in.

The Problem: In the afterFind method Event has no subsidiary records. Specifically, it has no Room record. If I do a normal/non-Contain'd find (with the $this->Schedule->recursive field set to 3) then I DO see the Room's data.

Is there a way for Contain to fetch data of a related record before the afterFind method is called?

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IMHO, I'm guessing the reason you want to copy the room name into the event's display name is for a view?

May I suggest an alternative approach to this problem?

I think it would be far simpler to create a view helper to assist on rendering the event with its associated room information. It doesn't have to be too complex, for example:

In your view:

echo $this->Event->displayName($eventRecord)

Given the depth of documentation relating to the containable behavior, it is pure black-magic how it works and I personally wouldn't want to modify any of its code to do what you propose. I totally appreciate what you're trying to achieve but sticking to the principles of KISS, this seems like the right advice to give.

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In many situations, the Containable behavior will 'split' the find() query into separate queries and merge the results later on using PHP.

To force performing a single query, you may try to use joins in stead. However, because of the hasMany, using only joins will probably not be the most efficient query.


$options = array(
        'conditions' => array('Schedule.' . $this->Schedule->primaryKey => $id),
        'contain' => array(
            'Event' => array(
                'joins' =>  array(
                        'table' => 'rooms',
                        'alias' => 'Room',
                        'type' => 'INNER',
                        'conditions' => array(
                            'Room.id = Event.room_id',

note I am not sure if CakePHP accepts joins to be defined inside a Contain. More information on manually specifying joins can be found here: Joining Tables

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