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I've the following information from a mongodb db that I want to export to a neo4j graph:

"_id" : 1366,
"fields" : {
"title" : "Beef Steak",
"keywords" : [
"categories" : {
    "category" : "Meat",
    "subcategory" : null,
    "verified" : false,
    "predicted" : true
 "nutrients" :
        "tag_name" : "FASAT",
        "value" : 1.352,
        "unit" : "g",
        "title" : "Saturated fatty acids"

I've been reading some neo4j modelling examples but I'm not sure about my model.

This is what I'm thinking:


  • food
  • keyword
  • category
  • subcategory
  • nutrient


  1. food - rel_name -> keyword
  2. food - rel_name -> category
  3. food - rel_name -> subcategory
  4. category - rel_name -> subcategory
  5. food - has_nutrients -> nutrient

The "has_nutrients" relationship name would contain a "value" property to indicate how much of a nutrient a food has.

I thought about 2,3 and 4 relationships to have the possibility to perform different queries: - subcategories of the category 'Meat', - category and subcategory of a food, -all the foods with the 'Pasta' category. Maybe there's a more simple way.

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If you can't think of better names for the relations, just do something like

food - [HAS_KEYWORD] -> keyword
food - [HAS_SUBCATEGORY] -> subcategory
subcategory - [BELONGS_TO] -> category
food - [HAS_NUTRIENT] -> nutrient

For your subcategory, I typically like a direction from child to parent, but I that's usually more just preference.

Will you need to differentiate between category and subcategory? Like if category is Meat and subcategory is Pork, would you ever need to do actually link to Meat? You could have just a connection to Pork and that would imply Meat to cut down on relationships.

({name='Pork', type='Subcategory'}) -[BELONGS_TO]-> ({name='Meat', type='Category'})
({name='Pork Chops', type='Food'}) -[HAS_SUBCATEGORY]-> ({name='Pork', type='Subcategory'})

This will cut down on relationships, as you'll be able to imply a Category from a Subcategory.

Aside from the above recommendations, The rest looks very graph oriented and looks like a solid design.

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