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I need to check if there is any place (e.g. coffe, bar, business center, etc.) registered at a specific Lat&Long values or nearby and get the name of those places. Does anyone know how can I do such a thing in Android?

Tks in advance, Regards

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There are some possible libraries/services you could use to get geolocation support for your app. I only tried out gisgraphy.

  • The Google Maps Geolocation API - uses Google services.
  • gisgraphy - uses open streetmap, free to use if "personnal,non commercial and non profit one AND in a smart way". You can set up your own gisgraphy server if you want for free. Provides a REST API or a java library to use in your project.
  • Overpass API - an read-only API for openstreetmap servers. You could also set up your own server or use one of the services in the osm wiki if it fits your needs
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You may try the Google Places API.

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