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I might be a novice programmer but PackageManager is complicated ! What I am going to show you makes no sense:

I am able to pull out the names of applications on the device however if I try to save to array then I can only save half of them.

        PackageManager packageManager = null;
    List<ApplicationInfo> appsListTest = new ArrayList<ApplicationInfo>();
    packageManager = context.getPackageManager();
    appsListTest = packageManager.getInstalledApplications(0);
    Log.d("LOG", " New PM : " + appsListTest.size());

    Iterator<ApplicationInfo> iterator = appsListTest.iterator();
    int counter = 0;
    String[] appName = new String[appsListTest.size()];
    while (iterator.hasNext()) {

        Log.d("LOG", String.valueOf(counter));
    //  When I print out by itself I see 64 apps. Great
        Log.d("LOG", (String);
    //  Now when I try to save to array I only get 30
                    appName[counter] = (String);


It makes no sense !!!

So if I comment out the appName array I will print Log.d out 61 times. But when I include that array then I will only log out 31 times.

And the value i initialise appName to is 64:

Log.d("LOG", " New PM : " + appsListTest.size());

Application does not crash or anything.

Can anyone show me some code on how to get app name, uid and icon ?

share|improve this question advances the list - you are advancing it twice per loop. Instead, you should save the result from as a variable and then use that within the loop:

while (iterator.hasNext()) {
    Log.d("LOG", String.valueOf(counter));
    // Only call once per loop
    ApplicationInfo info =;
    String label = (String) info.loadLabel(packageManager);
    Log.d("LOG", label);
    appName[counter] = label;
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