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I've written a fairly extensive script which manages images.

PHP imaging libraries strip meta data by default. So embedded data (like keywords, descriptions, author, etc) are gone. I've written a fairly extensive image management system, but sadly the IPTC management is still lacking much.

In the past I've written much of my own functions, but now I'd like to use a library which:

  1. Easily retrieves info, typically into an array.
  2. Can embed info easily.

Having looked around, I can't seem to find a modern or complete package which:

  1. Is reasonably lightweight.
  2. Is geared toward this specifically.

If anyone knows any classes or sets of functions available somewhere, that would be great. I've looked everywhere and cannot find one.

Thanks for any help. I have searched and cannot find a decent library.

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following answer may help to solve your issue. stackoverflow.com/questions/1417138/making-iptc-data-searchable –  Deepu Thomas May 11 '13 at 9:46

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After much research, the best I could find is this old script here:


It needs much updating, but generally works well.

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That's true , I have been in search for this. Although its a very old library, works fine on PHP 5.4. May be it should be forked to new functions and methods. Many thanks for the link. –  Clain Dsilva Dec 20 '13 at 14:24

PHP has some IPTC functionality by default:

  • with getimagesize() you can get additional info about images,
  • with iptcparse() you can parse IPTC data from info (which comes from getimagesize()),
  • with iptcembed() you can embed IPTC data into a jpeg file.
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Yes, but I'm looking for a library which simplifies this. Those functions are quite finicky when it comes to keywords and such. –  Orangeman555 May 11 '13 at 9:06

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