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I have a RESTful service that builds and runs fine. However, when I try to use the JPQL editor, it gives the error:

java.lang.Exception: You need to add your persistence provider library either to project classpath or registed as Ant Library within Netbeans You need to register database connection on Services tab

I'm using EclipseLink 2.4.1 as my persistence library, and I already have a library added in the Ant manager as "EclipseLink 2.4." When that failed, I made a library called "EclipseLink (JPA 2.0)(default)" to match the persistence.xml GUI name for it. I even tried creating a library named "org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider. All failed and now I'm stumped.

I have a connection the SQL Server database I'm using and it works fine.

I really am unsure of what I need to do to get this working. The editor seems like it would be a great boon, but there doesn't seem to be much documentation on it, nor questions with problems similar to mine. If anybody can help, that would be great.

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