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I put this a key and value into the datastore with the following command

data = MyData(db_token=request_token, db_secret=request_secret)

It looks like this in the datastore

enter image description here

What would be the simplest way of retrieving db_secret if I know db_token? Ie

retreived_secret = db.somecommand(foo)
returns bar
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If db_token is unique, you can use it as a key


data = MyData(key_name=request_token, db_secret=request_secret)


data = MyData.get_by_key_name(request_token)
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This assumes there is only one entity with db_secret = 'foo':

def retrieve_token(db_secret):
        entity = MyData.all().filter('db_secret =', db_secret).get()
        return entity.db_token
        return None

If there are multiple entities that match, you will need to add another filter.

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I'm getting an error type object 'MyData' has no attribute 'filter'. What would be the cause of that? –  jumbopap May 3 '13 at 1:42

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