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I have my installer registering my COMPLus component correctly. I have one last requirement to: Enforce component level access checks Under Roles have the “User” Role ticked.

I tried adding a complus:ComPlusCompoent as a child of my ComPlusAssembly but when I do this the installer fails with an error. (See below) I am not sure what I should put as the CLSID, perhaps this is what is causing the issue? Can anyone help me out? Explain what I should be putting for the CLSID?

Error and WiX snippet below Note: If I remove the complus:ComPlusComponent element then the installer works fine: My User ‘ComponentUser” is defined higher up. The role and user are assigned in the component but not ticked.

MSI (s) (68:BC) [16:25:08:579]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSICE31.tmp, Entrypoint: ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit Action 16:25:08: RegisterComPlusAssemblies. Registering COM+ components RegisterComPlusAssemblies: DLL: C:\NTApps\MyComPlusCore\ASA.DA.Insurance.dll ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit: Error 0x80070490: Failed to find component object ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit: Error 0x80070490: Failed to configure components ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit: Error 0x80070490: Failed to register assembly, key: ASA.DA.Insurance ComPlusInstallExecuteCommit: Error 0x80070490: Failed to register assemblies

<complus:ComPlusApplication Id="ASA.NETCoreData3" 
                        Description="ASA .NET Core Data Components"

    <complus:ComPlusApplicationRole Id="ASA.NETCoreData3.Role" 
                                Name ="User">
        <complus:ComPlusUserInApplicationRole Id="ASA.NETCoreData3.User" 
                                            User="ComponentUser" />

    <complus:ComPlusAssembly Id="ASA.DA.Insurance" 
        <complus:ComPlusComponent Id="ASA.DA.Insurance.Com"
                                ComponentAccessChecksEnabled="yes" >
            <complus:ComPlusRoleForComponent Id="ASA.DA.Insurance.Role" 
                                            ApplicationRole="ASA.NETCoreData3.Role" />
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Yes it was the CLSID. In the previous installers for this compoenet a vb script was used and the projects did not need a static CLSID and so it was specified in the projects.

I needed to add a Guid attribute to the concrete class and then use this guid in the WiX ComPlusComponent clsid.

Hope this helps someone.

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How often would thi CLSID Change ?? When I change my assembly version it changes... so I have to change my WiX package everytime we version up. Is there a way of keeping it constant? –  AltF4_ Jan 14 '14 at 11:38

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