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I am trying to transfer from less of query strings and more of cookies. So i need to make a script that parses the cookies from the HTTP_COOKIE request header. The format of the cookies is:

{cookiename}={cookievalue} {other-cookies}={other-cookie-value}

My options are to either only look for a set {cookiename} and set that to the value...or to scan through the full list of cookies and parse it so the bash variable $cookiename will equal {cookievalue}

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Assuming best case scenario, your cookies may already be Bash friendly. In this case you can source the cookie file.

. cookies.txt

and Bash will save each cookie to a variable. However as many will tell you the file is likely not formatted correctly, perhaps having one or more of these problems

  • invalid characters in variable name
  • no quotes around values

in which case you would need to add that using sed before sourcing the file.

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can you explain a little more...I don't understand what it is that . cooies.txt would do? –  zggz12 May 3 '13 at 2:56
I see what the idea is with the . cookies.txt, but the problem is that I have my cookies being sent to the cgi via the $HTTP_COOKIES variable, and when i do . $HTTP_COOKIES, it says no file exists –  zggz12 May 3 '13 at 3:40
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