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I want to resize some elements, in the isotope grid.

I dont want this to happen each time window resizes. I just want it before the reLayout function of isotope.

is there a way i can do this? Any callback just before the reLayout?


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Please post the code you are using to resize the elements. I believe you'll need to resize the elements and then call reLayout as there doesn't seem to be an event prior – lucuma May 3 '13 at 1:23
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I found a way. I was already extending isotope with the Centered Masonry mode. In the extended resize function, i made the resize changes on the isotope elements, then triggered a resize(dont know for sure if this is a proper way), and that did the trick.

Now everytime isotope wants to reLayout, just before it, i resize the elements!

Here is the code:

$.Isotope.prototype._masonryResizeChanged = function () {

            //  Resize elements

            //Code that sets a new width for all elements

            // Force a relayout
            $('#container').isotope( 'reLayout');

            //Rest of the overriden method
            var prevColCount = this.masonry.cols;
            // get updated colCount
            return ( this.masonry.cols !== prevColCount );
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