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After doing a Java or File search in Eclipse, the (purple) highlighting of matches in files persists indefinitely, distracting me from whatever task I try to accomplish after I complete my search.

I know that I can open the Search view (by pressing Alt+Shift+Q,S, or by clicking its icon) and then click the "Remove All Matches" button that looks like an advertisement for Dos Equis, but I get tired of all this view-activating and clicking.

I want to clear search results in Eclipse using just the keyboard. Is there a way to do this?

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Press Ctrl+F7. Keep on Pressing F7 when reach search view. Release Ctrl Key.

Close search view(in fact any view) as explained here

Once search view is removed from the current perspective search highlight will be removed automatically. If you want to see it again then open search view.

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I just tried this on Eclipse 4.3, and closing Search did not remove the search highlights in the editor. –  John Glassmyer Feb 5 at 20:14
Its is working on my machine. Please update your post with screenshots or add more details –  Chandrayya G K Feb 6 at 6:36
Indeed, it does seem to work. I think I was closing the view the wrong way (I may have been pressing ESC) but when I use the "Close Part" command it does indeed remove search highlighting. BTW I found it easier to activate the Search view by pressing Alt+Shift+Q,S. –  John Glassmyer Mar 13 at 23:39

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