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I have a problem regarding on uploading a file. When I upload the files myself(localhost) it actually works but when I let other people in the same network upload their file it gives me an error:

(The system cannot find the path specified)
at Method)
at sources.UploadAIP.actions.uploadAction.processRequest(

Here is my actual code:

public class uploadAction extends AbstractAppAction
   public boolean processRequest(HttpServlet servlet, HttpServletRequest request,    HttpServletResponse response)
         Properties appProperties = getAppProperties();
         String dbMap = appProperties.getProperty("dbMap");
         DB db = getDBConnection(dbMap);

         String myDirectory = "C:\\tmp";
         String uploadedFile = request.getParameter("filename");
         System.out.println("srcfile: " +myDirectory);
         System.out.println("file: " +uploadedFile);
         String errorMessage = "";

         ServletContext sc       = servlet.getServletContext();
         String fileName         = StringUtil.stringReplace(uploadedFile,"\\","\\");
         int i                   = fileName.lastIndexOf("\\");
         if (i > 0) { 
              fileName   = fileName.substring(i+1); 

         File srcFile            = new File(uploadedFile);
         File targetDirectory    = new File(myDirectory);
         String dirname          = StringUtil.stringReplace(targetDirectory.toString() ,"\\","\\");
         System.out.println("directory name:" +dirname);
         File destFile           = new File(dirname+"\\"+fileName);
         System.out.println("here is the parent directory: " +targetDirectory);    
         InputStream inStream;
         OutputStream outStream;
             inStream = new FileInputStream(srcFile);
         outStream = new FileOutputStream(destFile);
             byte[] buffer = new byte[4096];
         int length;
         //copy the file content in bytes
         while ((length = > 0){
                  outStream.write(buffer, 0, length);
         }catch(Exception e){
         fileName = StringUtil.stringReplace(uploadedFile, "\\", "\\");

          int u = fileName.lastIndexOf("\\");
          if (u > 0)
            fileName = fileName.substring(i + 1);

          if (!dirname.endsWith("\\"))
           dirname = dirname + "\\";

          File f = new File(dirname);
          String uploadDir = dirname;
          System.out.println("uploadDirectory" +uploadDir);

     } catch (Exception ex) {
        request.setAttribute("message", ex.toString());

    return (true);


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Your code assumes that the file being uploaded is present on the same local machine, which isnt true, since you are receiving uploads from a local network.

This is why it works on your local machine, but not across a network.

To upload a file, you need a multipart form and a servlet that correctly handles a multipart request.

This tutorial should help you:

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Thank you, already working. –  Newbph May 3 '13 at 5:53

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