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I am implementing Admob on iOS app.

I just downloaded Admob sample code and when I tried to run it on simulator, my console is saying "To get test ads on this device, call: request.testDevices = NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"GAD_SIMULATOR_ID", nil];".

So, I added my mac udid and a testing device udid to an array and set that to request. But, still, app is showing the default banner instead of ads from my admob account. Also console is saying the same above message. Have anyone had any idea what am I missing here? Here is the code.

self.adBanner = [[[GADBannerView alloc] initWithAdSize:kGADAdSizeBanner
self.adBanner.adUnitID = kSampleAdUnitID;
self.adBanner.delegate = self;
[self.adBanner setRootViewController:self];
[self.view addSubview:self.adBanner];
self.adBanner.center = CGPointMake(self.view.center.x, self.adBanner.center.y);
GADRequest *request = [GADRequest request];
request.testing = YES;
request.testDevices = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX",
[self.adBanner loadRequest:request];

BTW, I replaced the above kSampleAdUnitID with my Admob publisher ID and XXX with my mac id and device id.

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Actually, you don't need to add testDevices to be able to received ad
I also don't received ad, but when I remove my deviceId in testDevices, it works
Btw, if you want to add simulator ID just use @"GAD_SIMULATOR_ID", this is the default ID for the simulator, you only need real ID for real device.

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Enable test ads

On your iDevice, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and disable the 'Limit Ad Tracking' option. Then when you run your app on hardware, check Xcode's console: there you will see the ID, which you can add to the testDevices array.

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