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I keep looking this over the internet but I think, as far as I have searched, nothing yet had been posted (if any, please give me some links). Is this a way to make an instance this way. When I tried, there's a compilation error, a syntax error ("expecting identifier before this"). I'm happy to receive help from you guys.

Here's my code.

var mc_Names:Array = [];

function createMovieClip(index:int):void{
    var nameOfMc:String = "mc_" + index;
    mc_Names[index] = nameOfMc;
    var this[mc_Names[index]]:MovieClip = new MovieClip();       **// this is what I'm asking if it is possible**
    this[mc_Names[index]].graphics.lineStyle(20,0x00FF00, 0.5);
    this[mc_Names[index]].graphics.lineTo(mc3.x, mc3.y);
    this[mc_Names[index]].x = 0;
    this[mc_Names[index]].y = 0;
    addChildAt(this[mc_Names[index]], 0);

Or is there any way to make it more simple or another way of declaring variable instances through this[] to make a dynamic creation of those movieclip instances.

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var index:int = 1;
var A:Array = new Array();
A[index] = "mc_1";
A[index] = new MovieClip();
A[index].graphics.lineStyle(20,0x00FF00, 0.5);
A[index].graphics.lineTo(100, 100);
A[index].x = 0;
A[index].y = 0;
addChildAt(A[index], 0);

//it is possible to do this way. Direct substitution... :D

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