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I'm developing an app where I have integrated sky drive framework.But when I try to login my app crashes.

Here is my code

(IBAction)signInMethod:(id)sender { self.liveClient =
[[LiveConnectClient alloc] initWithClientId:APP_CLIENT_ID 
                                                    userState:@"initialize"]; }

- (void)authCompleted:(LiveConnectSessionStatus) status 
          session:(LiveConnectSession *) session 
        userState:(id) userState { if ([userState isEqual:@"initialize"]) {
    [self.liveClient login:self 
                    scopes:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"wl.signin", nil] 

} if ([userState isEqual:@"signin"]) {
    if (session != nil)
        NSLog(@"signed in");      
     } }

- (void)authFailed:(NSError *) error 
     userState:(id)userState { NSLog(@"%@",[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Error: %@", [error localizedDescription]]); //   
[self.infoLabel setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Error: %@",
[error localizedDescription]]]; }


Now I'm able to login. I was getting error because I didn't integrated the framework properly.

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Any details at all about the crash itself? You can hopefully provide the symbolicated crash report. Without this, we would have to do wild guesses which hopefully is not intended. –  Kerni May 3 '13 at 5:23
is there any error log there? –  Nimit Parekh May 3 '13 at 6:54

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