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I have a site whose menu is functioning incorrectly in IE6, and only IE6.

A live preview of the site can be seen here.

The HTML & CSS are too long to post here but please view the source and the CSS.

I have implemented conditional comments and the IE6 Update jQuery plugin. Neither work.

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Is there a MUST-HAVE reason why you would develop for IE6? Are your bosses/clients/users asking for it? I ask because the sooner IE6 dies, the better the world for web designers will get. It's almost ten years old, and causes more problems with design/function/safety than its worth. Plus, Microsoft hasn't supported it for a while now. – tahdhaze09 Oct 29 '09 at 13:37
By the way, your site looks excellent in Firefox 3.5.4, Safari 4, and Chrome 3. – tahdhaze09 Oct 29 '09 at 13:40

I'm not sure how relevant this still is, but in my experience multilevel menus are a pain to implement cross-browser. IE 6 generally needs some extra help in the form of a Javascript.

I've used the Suckerfish Dropdown method on many occasions, which can be found here. It uses unordered lists as well and provides IE6 support in the form of a Javascript. It might require rewriting your own menu logic, though.

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Try triggering hasLayout on any positioned object with css zoom:1. Also, give explicit heights wherever posible.

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