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I would like to use log4net in mvvmcross to replace MvxDebugTrace, but I don't want to change the core source code, is it possible ?

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Debugtrace is initialised inside setup in InitializeDebugServices.

Currently this is implemented on each platform using these steps (example is from Android):

This InitialiseDebugServices method is marked as virtual - so you can override it in your own Setup.cs class within each platform.

For building a bridge from mvx to log4net, you'll need to implement this simple IMvxTrace interface - https://github.com/slodge/MvvmCross/blob/v3/CrossCore/Cirrious.CrossCore/Platform/IMvxTrace.cs

With this done... on each platform you should be able to implement a MySpecialTrace which implements IMvxTrace, and then you should be able to initialise it in Setup using:

    protected override void InitializeDebugServices()
         Mvx.RegisterSingleton<IMvxTrace>(new MySpecialTrace());
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