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Can't write a functional python code that asks users to enter three integers, pass through a function named (avg) and will return the average as a (float) value.

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The formula for average is the sum of the arguments divided by the amount of arguments. So you add the 3 arguments and then divide by 3 for what you want!

   def average(a,b,c):
        mean = (a + b + c)/3.0
        return mean

note: I use 3.0 instead of 3 so the result is a float!

now on top of all of this, you might want a function that will deal with a bunch of different inputs! so *args is the way you want to do this so you can write a function that will take an arbitrary number of arguments to average:

In [45]: def average(*args):
   ....:     return sum(args)/float(len(args))

In [46]: average(1,10,4,5,8,9)
Out[46]: 6.166666666666667
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If you're using Python2, you need to make sure to force the divison to float

>>> (3+3+4)/3
>>> (3+3+4)/3.0
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