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I've a legacy system where query parameters are used to determine the class/method for a request using a simple in-house framework. E.g.


And I'd like map all actions for a product to one class so the plumbing can be greatly simplified, e.g.

public class FooController {

  private FooProductService s; // one of many beans that have to be wired into lots of classes

  public void bar(@PathVariable String amount, Model model) {    
    // implementation omitted
  public void baz(@PathVariable String amount, Model model) {    
    // implementation omitted


It's a published API so we can't change the public API -> the URLs cannot change.

I thought that perhaps this could be done using configuration, as aspect or even a custom framework with out own annotations.

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I believe you can do something like this for product=foo&action=bar&amount=1.0

@RequestMapping(value = "product={productName}&action={someaction}&amount={value}", method=RequestMethod.GET)
something(@PathVariable String productName, @PathVariable String someaction, @PathVariable String value)
    if(someaction.equals("bar")) {
        //do bar
    if(someaction.equals("baz")) {
        //do baz


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