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Does anyone have any recent experience of submitting a separate Lite version when there is an existing full version of an app on the App Store? I know that Apple's guidelines changed recently and I am wondering the extent to which it is enforced? It seems unfair that many existing apps use this model but it should be closed to new entrants.

My reasons for wanting separate versions is so that I can have visibility both the free and the paid charts, and also to avoid some of the idiot reviewers that free apps can attract...

I previously tried a freemium model that asked to users to upgrade from free to paid after 3 free uses but it attracted some 1-star reviews from people saying things like:

"Great app, but then it asked me to pay for it" 1 star. I find that perverse... someone actually loved the app but then gave it 1 star when I requested a few dollars for my hard work!?

By contrast, my paid app gets almost exclusively 4 and 5 stars, but it gets much fewer downloads. Any advice??

The free version would have IAPs to allow you to upgrade it to the equivalent of the full version

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