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I know this question has been asked for million times but after wasting hours on surfing i didnt reach on any end result. My scenerio is that we are going to work on a very large project where we will be dealing with a lots of data (say millions of record of hundreds of users), so performance is really a concern on the other hand reponsive design is another concern(we want our application to be globally and smoothly accessed) and again the javascript used in third party controls may create an issue of performance while working on a small device(like mobile)(correct me if i am wrong). Third party controls will save our time on writing lots of jquery but i am totally confused which thir party control i have to go with. Is there any one who is perfectly happy with any third party controls on such scenerio.


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I faced with this problem a few month ago then we chosen Telerik(KendoUI) with MVC helpers. At first it looked like a good solution but with time we are found some technical issues.

1.I found that the most controls (Grid for example) developed with a focus on interacting with database directly in controller (System.Data, repositories, data contexts etc).We are using classical 3-Layers application and we are faced with problem how to retrieve filtering/sorting/paging data from grid and put it into DataAccess layer without referencing any Data-specific assemblies into Presentation layer.

2.Telerik(KendoUI) has focus on interacting with own frameworks. KendoUI MVVM framework versus knockoutjs does not have so rich functionality.

Good: KendoUI evolves very quickly and has a very good support.

So i still recommend it.

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Thanks to your response. we are also thinking about kendo (since every third party have its own drawback and advantages). well i want to know one more thing that how you are using KnockoutJs with kendo because we decided to go with angular so i also want to learn how to use angular with kendo(as we already have an idea how to use angular with simple html). Your experience may give us an idea. Thanks –  akshay May 21 '13 at 10:03

it doesn't matter how many millions of data you have when speaking about ui components, they are at the client side, and they will display whatever data you give them, it's up to your application services to do data pagination and caching etc., although you do get some automatic paging/querying with components like grid, but the control should allow the user to do all the data querying if the user needs full control.

I would recommend ASP.net MVC Awesome Helpers, (I work on them)

here are the demos:



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Thanks to your response. but if they are only meant to display data, so why grid of kendo takes only 19 sec while grid of DevExpress takes 23 sec(while binding 10k records by my own)(in firefox) in the same scenerio. –  akshay May 21 '13 at 9:49
@akshay grids most times have server side data-querying code as well, but it should use paging, so it shouldn't matter because you wouldn't pull 10k rows but only 1 page, now since your saying that it takes 20 sec to display a page, try doing that without the grid just use a foreach and display one page whith your own data-querying code, if that works fast then a good grid should work fast as well; don't know about Kendo and devx but the awesome grid uses linq to query data, and if you wan't full control you can (see this: demo.aspnetawesome.com/GridDemo/CustomQuerying) –  Omu May 21 '13 at 9:58
yes i know that we generally don't have such requirement to bind more 100-200 records in one page, i bind them just to check the performance. i am also done with what you are advising me and yes it works faster. but my only concern was how kenod was working faster than DevExpress. any ways i will also try to explore asp.net MVC awesome helpers. Thanks –  akshay May 21 '13 at 10:34
I've been using ASP.NET Awesome for over a year and I can confirm that it is evolving quickly and VERY good support from Omu. Questions are often answered in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend this product. In addition, it is still much cheaper than Kendo or DevExpress. –  Mathieu Nov 5 '13 at 16:21

I recommend you to use Angular-Kendo.js which is the beauty of KendoUI with the power of AngulaJS (see examples here: http://kendo-labs.github.io/angular-kendo). The KedoUI-AgularJS combination will save you a lot of client side code. In server side i use JAVA REST JSON web service with JPA.

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