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How can I get a file extension which has more than one dot in the name?

For example:


Thanks in advance!

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String something = "image.fromyesterday.hello.jpg"; 
String extension = something.substring(something.lastIndexOf("."));
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something.lastIndexOf(".") + 1 if you wish to get rid of the dot –  Chor Wai Chun May 3 '13 at 6:55
Thanks! lastIndexOf takes the last part of the string that matches in this case the dot. :)) –  MSeiz5 May 3 '13 at 7:38
This only works if 'something' always has a '.', otherwise it throws an exception. You should check if lastIndexOf() != -1. –  Bruce May 23 at 9:58

I think this would be better:

String suffixOf(String name){
    if(name == null || name.equals("")){
        return "";
    String suffix = "";
    int index = name.lastIndexOf(".");
    if (index != -1 ) {
        suffix = name.substring(index + 1);
    return suffix;
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