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What would be the best way for me to pass data from a form on one page to another? For example an email form field is input on one page and that takes the user to a new page with that field already completed. If someone entered the page without using the email form submit link then the field would be blank. I know this can be done through javaScript or PHP and I am open to either possibility. Are there any examples of this being done that I can be directed to?

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You don't need any JavaScript to do this.

You can simply invoke either the $_GET or $_POST arrays in PHP and populate your form fields (on the second page) with any values that have been filed out.

For example:

<input type="text" name="email" value="<? echo $_POST['email']; ?>" />

If there is an email that is being sent from the previous page via a form, it will display in the input field. If not, nothing will display.

Check out: $_POST, $_GET, and $_REQUEST in the PHP manual. These pages offer some quick examples to show you how these arrays allow you to work with forms easily in PHP.

Note: You should also take time to make sure that you sanitize your data before presenting it on the page.

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  1. You can use header, to send a variable value from one page to another

$msg = "blablabla"; header('location:index.php?msg=$msg');

  1. Or you can use a session variable $_SESSION['msg'] = "the message you want to send";

In the next page you can use this same session variable and retrieve the value. $msg = $_SESSION['msg']

For this method make sure the the session is start before you assign the variable.

for more info check $_SESSION

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