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I've got an HTML form. The user can click on, let's say, 2 buttons: 1 - The first buttons fires an oData request to the server (it's not really AJAX) 2 - The second buttons fires some other logic.

Now I would like to show a progress bar when action 1) or action 2) is executed.

In case of action 2) I've used $(loadingImageId).show() but this does not work, it's like if it's not executed immediately. However, if I use:

                        $(loadingImageId).fadeIn().queue(function(next) {

It works as expected. Can anyone explain why show() does not work and fadeIn() does? Besides, when the computation ends a pop-up is shown (and it takes a few milliseconds to show up in the screen). During this waiting time my spinning wheel (animated gif) freezes. Is there a way to prevent this?

Finally, how can I catch my oData requests? I've tried ajaxStart and ajaxStopand they correctly catch all of my AJAX requests. But in my case I've got a GET oData request to the server. How could I work this out? Thank you.

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Where abouts is the .show() code? Are you sure it exists in the DOM when the code is executed? – billyonecan May 3 '13 at 7:05
When I click on the button, the first thing I did is $(loadingImageId).show but not joy. In the piece of coding above If I replace fadeIn() with show() it stops working. Well, when I debug the flow of execution, I can see that it steps into the queue(), at that very moment the image's style is set to "display:block" but the spinning wheel is not yet visible onto the screen. – marco_sap May 3 '13 at 7:16

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