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I want to bind/unbind the keypress when user clicks to the checkbox. I tried to code a bit but not work at all without error in javascript console.


<textarea name="message" ng-model="message" ui-keypress="btnEnter"></textarea>
<input type="checkbox" ng-click="bindKeyEnter($event)">


function MyCtrl($scope) {
     $scope.btnEnter = {};

     $scope.bindKeyEnter = function(e) {
         var checkbox = e.target;
         $scope.btnEnter = checkbox.checked ? {enter: 'sendMessage()'} : {}

     $scope.sendMessage = function() { console.log($scope.message); }

Your suggestion?

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You could do it like this:


<div ng-controller="TstCtrl">
    <input ui-keypress="{enter: enter}" />
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="doOnEnter" />


app.controller('TstCtrl', function ($scope) {
    $scope.enter = function () {
        if ($scope.doOnEnter)

    function realOnEnter() {
        console.log('On enter');

See working jsfiddle here

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