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I want to integrate shareKit 2.0 in my app. But I wanted only for the purpose of Twitter. I Followed the installation steps on sharkit wiki but ended with the error youTube SDK not found etc... I see lot of products in my app product folder(Fiker, youtube sdk, ect...) As I only needed twitter,I deleted other folder except Twitter from services folder. Please help me with the sharkit twitter Integration.

I want to update sharekit As i am facing oAuth_verifier issue in twitter with the old sharekit version.

sharkit 2.0 source Code URL:

Installations Steps URL:

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May be you don't need ShareKit? If you just going to set up twitter share you can use ios integrated framework, here it is good tutorial.

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My applications needs to take care of lower versions too so can not use twitter framework. – Vibhooti May 3 '13 at 8:38

New sharekit is very different from the old one, and you should not touch the code (delete anything) - the strongest reason is easy updating using git.

If you wish to use Twitter sharer only, check granular install

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