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I'm trying to figure out how this custom jQuery functions work by experimenting a bit. I can't however get it to work properly. I'm trying to call the prepareSlide function in my setInterval but it says prepareSlide is not defined

        start: 1,
        carousel: true
$.fn.itemSlider = function (details) {
    var currentSlideNumber = (details && details.start > 0) ? details.start : 1;
    this.prepareSlide = function(slideNumber) {
    //Set an interval
    var itemToSlide = currentSlideNumber + 1;
    slideTimer = setInterval("prepareSlide(" + itemToSlide + ")", 5000);
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You should provide a function to the first argument of setInterval. Also, to provide the context properly to the function invocation, a quick method is to preserve this by having another variable reference it, which in this case, we call self

var self = this;

slideTimer = setInterval(function(){
}, 5000);
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Thanks for your answer! And what if i wanted to call the prepareSlide from outside too? <a href="#" class="number" onclick="itemSlider.prepareSlide(1);" id="number_1">&nbsp;</a> –  CaptainCarl May 3 '13 at 8:38

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