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How do you print dates using underscore.js? I am surprised that there is apparently any way to do it unlike ejs

Here is what i would like to do

<%= Message.created_at.getFullYear() %>-<%= Message.created_at.getMonth() + 1 %>-<%= Message.created_at.getDate() %>

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Underscore's templates are (intentionally) simple and minimal so there aren't any built in formatting utilities. However, you can put whatever JavaScript expressions you want inside <%= ... %> so you can easily add your own formatting utilities. You could do something like this in your JavaScript:

window.fmt = {
    iso_date: function(d) {
        // Your favorite ISO 8601 date formatter goes here, this
        // is just a quick hack (which won't work in older IEs)
        // for demonstration purposes.
        return d.toISOString().replace(/T.*$/, '');
    // Any other formatting functions you need go here...

and then call fmt.iso_date in your template thusly:

<%= fmt.iso_date(Message.created_at) %>

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/ambiguous/4Ufs4/

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