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I'm wondering how I might go about opening a Mac OS X application using a different $HOME path.

Specifically, I'm trying to start a browser and have different sessions, so they don't interfere with each other.

I tried HOME=/Users/daniel/test open /Applications/Firefox.app/ via BASH, but it didn't work (opened using the existing session from ~/Library). man open didn't offer any help.

I then tried creating a different user and did sudo su mickey -c 'open /Applications/Firefox.app/' andsudo su mickey -lc 'open /Applications/Firefox.app/', hoping I could at least launch an app as a different user (works in Linux), but again no donut, and man su doesn't help here either. It still just opened using my ~/Library stuff.

I know there's some funkiness with environment variables and BASH vs. WM, and I'm guessing I need to do some plist-y magic, but I'm not sure how to go about it.

Any ideas?

TIA, Daniel :)

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You can try to do it using launchctl. See the Daemons and Services Programming Guide. You will need to create a plist for the one-time job. There is a UserName key (see the launchd.plist man).

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