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So i've got this program and it basically encrypts text in many different ways (for exam practise) and i don't know how to make the menu function accept capital letters aswell as lower case letters

def GetMenuChoice():
  MenuChoice = raw_input()
  return MenuChoice
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Use either str.lower() or str.upper() to convert your text to all lowercase or all uppercase:

def GetMenuChoice():
  MenuChoice = raw_input("Enter your choice: ")
  return MenuChoice.lower()

while GetMenuChoice() != expected.lower():
    print "Try again"
print "Correct input"    


Enter your choice: menu
Try again
Enter your choice: mennu
Try again
Enter your choice: mEnU1
Correct input
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Thanks, i've got it now :) –  user1655562 May 3 '13 at 8:52

If you want to write terminal apps, i strongly recommend using curses. But as a quick hack, simply transform it to either lower or upper case and then check it.

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>>> MenuChoice = raw_input()
>>> MenuChoice = MenuChoice.lower()
>>> MenuChoice

This was you can always deal with one case, by calling .lower or .upper on the users input.

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