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Consider the following page:

<Page ... >
    <TextBox AcceptsReturn="True" />

            <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                <Button Content="Test 1" />
                <Button Content="Test 2" />

So, this is TextBox and bottom Application Bar. Now, when I run this store application on desktop computer, the only way I know to activate the bar is to right-click in the window. However, TextBox built-in context menu is shown, preventing the bar activation. Only when the program just starts, and no actions are done in the TextBox, application bar can be activated by right-click.

Is there any way to show application bar in such situation?

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You can use ContextMenuOpening event of TextBox. Open bottom bar in that event.

private void TextBox_ContextMenuOpening_1(object sender, ContextMenuEventArgs e)
    BottomAppBar.IsOpen = true;
    e.Handled = true; //True only if you don't want to show context menu of textbox.
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