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Using AMQP module for Node JS and RabbitMQ, is there any way to tell how many subscribers there are on a queue?

We have multiple queues on the default exchange for multiple regions. When one region is down, instead of routing messages to that queue, we'll instead route to the next-best AMQP queue (region) that is actively listening.

Is there any way to count the number of subscribers on a queue?

We have a heartbeat set up so the server should be able to track accurately.


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I ended up figuring out this piece of gold:

var conn = amqp.createConnection({ url: process.env.AMQP, heartbeat: 60 });

conn.queue('queue-name').on('queueDeclareOk', function(args) {
  console.log('Total Consumers: ' + args.consumerCount);

Works perfectly :)

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