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I am using a ASP.NET with c# website and MSSQL Server 2005 DB.

Will be hosting on a shared hosting provider..so i cannot install any runtimes/other software or services. i dont have MSRS (Microsot reporting services) or others as well.

I need to find some good reporting alternatives besides Crystal Reports and other heavily paid services.

I need to be able to generate reports with grouping , query based, cumulative, formula based, sub reports within one report, simple graphs and charts, etc

Please help me with this issue.

(i tried LogiReports from http://www.freereporting.com/product/index.html) but it is difficult to use.

Thanks and Regards


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Have you considered Telerik Reports? It does not need any special software installed on your deployment servers. The reports that you create are in a dll that deploy along with your application. It is not free, but it is still very nice.

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