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I have a winform with a datefield. When a user selects a date and submits, a reportviewer on the page takes the date as a parameter through the tableadapter and shows the report.

What I need is a way to print the user selected date on the report.

Can someone show me how to pass a value from the winform to the rdlc file and make it print on the report itself?

I assume I would use a report parameter, but I can't seem to find any good documentation on how to accomplish this. thanks.

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Check Report Parameters (ReportViewer Controls) and one suggestion, visit MSDN when you need some references, because if you do it you will learn more and better. ;)

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You can do something like this:

IList<ReportParameter> parameters = new List<ReportParameter>();
parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("MyDate", "1/1/2011"));

The name of the parameter (MyDate above) must matches the name with wich you have defined the parameter in the report designer.

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