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So far, I was doing this to harvest files from single directory:

<HeatDirectory DirectoryRefId="INSTALLFOLDER" OutputFile="references.wxs" 
  Directory="../MyProject/reference1" ComponentGroupName="ref1" 
  ToolPath="$(WixToolPath)" PreprocessorVariable="var.ref1" 

How can I harvest files from multiple directories into one .wxs file with HeatDirectory like below:

<HeatDirectory OutputFile="references.wxs" 
  Directory="directory1_Path|Directory2_Path|...." ComponentGroupName="ref1" 
  ToolPath="$(WixToolPath)" AutogenerateGuids="true">

Is there some way to do it or do I need to have multiple HeatDirectory elements in my wixproject file?

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HeatDirectory (as its name implies) only harvests one directory (and optionally its children) at a time. To harvest two directory roots, you'll need two HeatDirectory elements. You'll also need to output two different .wxs files otherwise one harvest action will overwrite the other's output file.

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ahhh, why shouldn't I read this before :(. from HarvestDirectory documentation (wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/msbuild/target_reference/…), I was confused and using two HDirectory targets and one HeatDirectory task for both.. –  Farrukh Waheed Sep 22 '14 at 9:19

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