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ORIGINAL POST: I'm writing a service in C programming using libevent and zmq. Msg is pushed from python code to C service using PUSH-PULL pattern.

fd received from zmq socket:

void *receiver = zmq_socket (base.zmq_ctx, ZMQ_PULL);
zmq_connect (receiver, "tcp://localhost:5557");
int fd=0;
size_t fd_len = sizeof(fd);
zmq_getsockopt (receiver, ZMQ_FD, &fd, &fd_len);

Using Libevent, event registered with fd for persistent read

struct event *read_data_on_zmq =event_new(base.evbase, fd, EV_READ | EV_PERSIST , read_data_on_zmq_cb,receiver);

On the callback method I'm doing a non-blocking receive

void read_data_on_zmq_cb(evutil_socket_t fd, short what, void *arg)
    char *msg = calloc(1024,sizeof(char));
    int size = zmq_recv (receiver, msg, 255, ZMQ_DONTWAIT);
    if (size != -1) 
        puts ("is size is not -1");
        printf("msg = %s\n",msg); 

In the python code I'm continuously sending message to the socket.

import zmq
import time


The problem is I'm only able to receive the message once, after that the event callback never gets hit. If I do zmq_connect inside the read_data_on_zmq_cb after zmq_recv, then it works fine, but I guess that is redundant and not the correct way to do it. What is the problem here?

EDIT1: In addition to checking ZMQ_EVENTS after doing zmq_recv(), you need to fetch all the message because zmq is EDGE triggered. A great explanation about EDGE trigered notification is here http://funcptr.net/2012/09/10/zeromq---edge-triggered-notification/ so ultimately my event callback would look like

void read_data_on_zmq_cb(evutil_socket_t fd, short what, void *arg)
    unsigned int     zmq_events;
    size_t           zmq_events_size  = sizeof(zmq_events);
    char *msg=NULL;

    zmq_getsockopt (receiver, ZMQ_EVENTS, &zmq_events, &zmq_events_size);

    while(zmq_events & ZMQ_POLLIN)
        msg = calloc(1024,sizeof(char));
        int size = zmq_recv (receiver, msg, 255, ZMQ_DONTWAIT);
        if (size != -1) {
        #ifdef DEBUG    
            printf("msg = %s\n",msg);
            //return msg;
        zmq_getsockopt (receiver, ZMQ_EVENTS, &zmq_events, &zmq_events_size);
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Is the underlying fd set to non-blocking mode? –  ldx May 7 '13 at 19:54
I found what is the problem and solved it. Please check my answer below. –  Pritesh Acharya May 8 '13 at 5:05

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PLEASE read my EDIT1 for complete answer with code. The problem was: I didn't recheck ZMQ_EVENTS after doing zmq_recv(), as the state of the socket changes at that time.

So calling

zmq_getsockopt (receiver, ZMQ_EVENTS, &fd, &fd_size);

after zmq_recv() solved my problem.

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