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sub open_file {
    my @files = @_;
    my @file_text = ();

    foreach my $file(@files){
        open(my $fh, '<', "./DATA/" . $file) or die "can't open $file: $!";
        @file_text = <$fh>;
    print "@file_text";

Having problems concatenating texts from 3 different .html files into one array @file_text

So far the script only stores the text into @file_text from the very last .html file it loops through.

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Of course, as you erase the last value of @file_text each time with the line

@file_text = <$fh>;

you should replace this line with

push (@file_text, <$fh>);
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thank you i figured but i am beginner so i didnt know how to solve it :) –  Deepak Tivari May 3 '13 at 10:49

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