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Will insert(List) return null?

WriteResult result = collection.insert(List<DBObject>);
result.getError()  -->Throws NullPointeException

In the above snippet, what may cause the return of null for WriteResult?

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Can you try providing a BasicDBList, which contains BasicDBObject instances.

For example:

BasicDBObject updateObject = new BasicDBObject();
BasicDBList dbList = createList(objects);
updateObject.append("$push", new BasicDBObject("collection", dbList));

WriteResult result = collection.insert(dbList);

private BasicDBList createList(List<SampleObject> list) {
  BasicDBList result = new BasicDBList();
  for (SampleObject obj: list) {
    BasicDBObject dbObject = new BasicDBObject();
    dbCar.append("name", obj.getName()); //for exmaple

 return result; 
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Yes,, I was just showing a mock for your understanding.. –  vivek_jonam May 3 '13 at 10:24
Try this update –  kocko May 3 '13 at 10:41

It would probably return a NullPointerException because at the least the method is expecting a list that has at least one key to read in order to successfully insert something. Else it would be inserting, technically, a non-existent document.

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