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I am in the following situation:

A Team Member worked on a task which was partially done in few changesets, few months back. These changesets were reverted and many more changes are done on same files in subsequent changesets.

I want to get the latest version of code (which I have taken) and have some option to get the older changesets (even I can merge changesets one by one) and merge it.

Though I find option to changeset GetThisVersion which gives me whole old codebase. I don't find relevant option in Visual Studio 2010. It would be great to have GUI option and not command line one.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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You can get specific version of a file from file history (view or get specific version) or with command line Need command to get a file from TFS without a workspace. But to get a folder (project, solution) state seems to be necessary to have a workspace How to get specific version of folder from tfs without creating a workspace?.
I don't think that there is a possibility to merge an old and newer version. When I want to resuscitate some old code I use view in history and copy/paste.

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