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I'm developing an application and I am facing a problem using ExpandableListView. What I'm trying to do is, in GroupHeader, not only show the group name, but also an spinner with options. That's because I want to show the football second division games in the list but, also, give the option to choose the round, in case the user wants to check older/future games. SO far I have that enter image description here

As you can see both, title and spinner, shows. Also you can see the arrow on the right which is supposed to expand the list. Problem is that, if I click, only spinner opens, group expand button doesn't. So, here is my question, how can I make both of them work depending on where you click (one or another)??? Is that possible? Also I must say that if I only place the TextView with the group name works perfect. If I only place the spinner, the problem persists. So I'm guessing that's a focus problem.

Btw: grey areas are the layout backgrounds, so no, they are not hiding behind the button.

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I found the solution, I just neede to add this line android:descendantFocusability="blocksDescendants" to the Main Layout of the xml where I define the GroupHeader elements.

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