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What happens to internal threads after the main thread finishes execution?


Program 1 creates 5 threads to run in background.
Program 1 crashes.
Are those threads alive?

They will get killed because threads are bound in the process context?

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All those resources are linked up to the process data structure. When a process is terminated Windows ensures that all the resources are cleaned-up.

Didn't manage to find references to docs [feel free to add some, I am sure I read this in M.Russinovich "Windows Internals" book], but here are couple of similar answers regarding memory dealocations. Thread clean up is part of the clean up routine that windows call when a process is terminated.



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If a thread A creates a thread B and thread A terminates then thread B will not be killed as there is no parent/child relationship between threads.

The only situation where other threads are terminated is when the main process terminates (so, if the program crashes, they will get killed indeed).

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