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I am showing data in tableview and on editing it will be as in image. (i had allowed editing only for rows those were come after 4 th index).

enter image description here

Now i want to first four image cell frame as in the below reference image.

enter image description here

And i last i need the output as in the below reference image enter image description here. If any suggestion or references for this problem. Thanks

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At last, i found solution the solution for this by making use of UITableView delegate method: - (UITableViewCellEditingStyle)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView editingStyleForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath – K.D May 7 '13 at 9:33

For the first four cells, set a transparent image to cell.imageView.image This is not the perfect answer by any means but this will do the trick you want.


For the four cells you can set the cell.textLabel.text by adding few spaces upfront like,

cell.textLabel.text = @"    YOUR TEXT";
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Your question is not clear.

I think you need the text alignment of all cells in same manner. If it is the case, I'll suggest three options:

  1. When editing is pressed reload the tableView and add necessary spaces for first 3 rows
  2. If you are using custom cells make another one for first three cells with exact spaces
  3. If you are adding UILabel as subview of these cells change the frame
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You can create the following by creating two sections in the UITableView , where for the second view you can set the editing TRUE (not in first section) . Also pass the title for second section as "On My Pad" as shown in your reference image .

Hope it will help you !

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