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I am trying to use Swagger-PHP for generating JSON files , so that I can use it with Swagger-UI for auto documentation.

I tried the link :- https://github.com/zircote/swagger-php

Also I tried to work around with there documentation at http://zircote.com/swagger-php/installation.html

But my hard luck , I am unable to implement it.

I am able to install composer correctly. Also the bundle of Swagger-PHP is installed correctly.

But the problem is that I am unable to use/understand the test examples provided by them.

So if anyone has worked it around please help !!

Thanks in advance !!

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Hi can you give more details please? Like what error you are getting. That will be helpful. –  Nishat Baig Oct 9 '13 at 6:34

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You just put comments aka annotations in your code, model example:

* @SWG\Model(
* id="vps",
* required="['type', 'hostname']",
*  @SWG\Property(name="hostname", type="string"),
*  @SWG\Property(name="label", type="string"),
*  @SWG\Property(name="type", type="string", enum="['vps', 'dedicated']")
* )
class HostVps extends Host implements ResourceInterface
    // ...

Controller example:

 * @SWG\Resource(
 *  basePath="http://skyapi.dev",
 *  resourcePath="/vps",
 *  @SWG\Api(
 *   path="/vps",
 *   @SWG\Operation(
 *    method="GET",
 *    type="array",
 *    summary="Fetch vps lists",
 *    nickname="vps/index",
 *    @SWG\Parameter(
 *     name="expand",
 *     description="Models to expand",
 *     paramType="query",
 *     type="string",
 *     defaultValue="vps,os_template"
 *    )
 *   )
 *  )
 * )
 class VpsController extends Controller
     // ...

Then in console:

php swagger.phar ./your-code-source/ -o ./directory-for-output-files

Then link generated files in Swagger UI. Is this help?

BTW, this documentation: http://zircote.com/swagger-php/annotations.html is incomplete. It's better to rely on parser errors, example:

php swagger.phar ./skynode-api/api/ -o ./foo
Swagger-PHP 0.9.0
[INFO] Skipping unsupported property: "foo" for @Swagger\Annotations\Property, expecting "name", "description", "type", "format", "items", "uniqueItems", "required", "minimum", "maximum", "enum", "defaultValue", "_partialId", "_partials" in HostVps in /home/kane/some-dir/some-file.php on line 3

EDIT: Swagger 2.0 has pretty good specification on GitHub

BTW, consider to use Swagger Editor to create api specification file (json/yaml) to use in Swagger UI. Cause inline SWG documentation in php files is just ugly and you don't have autocomplete support in IDE.

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