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I'm trying to set up svn on a subdomain. I ended up creating a new account in WHM with its document root set to a subdomain. ie: svn.mydomain.com. Doing it this way, there is an svn account with its own home directory on the server.

I placed a .conf file in the following location:


The svn_custom.conf file looks like this:

<IfModule mod_dav_svn.c>
 <Location />
  Dav svn
  SVNListParentPath On
  SVNParentPath /data/svn/public_html/

The only error that I've found in relation to the subdomain was the following:

attempt to invoke directory as script: /data/svn/public_html/cgi-bin, referer: http://svn.mydomain.com/

I'm definitely not an apache master so any detailed steps to solving this would be greatly appreciated.


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I finally realized that in the apache httpd.conf file the Include line for my virtual host was commented out. In order to get apache to include the file I needed to run:

/scripts/ensure_vhost_includes --all-users

Thanks for the views.

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