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With these Unicode ranges Unicode::GCString'scolumns returns the number of print columns while mbswidth from Text::CharWidth doesn't.
To they behave differently because they use different databases?

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use strict;
use open qw(:std :utf8);
use Text::CharWidth qw(mbswidth);  # 0.04
use Unicode::GCString;             # 2012.10 

for my $hex ( 0x0378 .. 0xd7ff, 0xfa2e .. 0xfdcf, 0xfdfe .. 0xfff8 ) {
    my $chr = chr $hex;
    if ( mbswidth( $chr ) == -1 ) { # -1 invalid data
        my $gcs = Unicode::GCString->new( $chr );
        my $width = $gcs->columns;
        printf "%04x - %d  :  %s\n", $hex, $width, $chr;
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Text::CharWidth uses the C library function wcwidth which depends on the OS and current locale. Unicode::GCString uses the sombok library. The latter seems to be regularly updated to the latest Unicode versions, so I'd consider it to be accurate.

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