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I am new to business integration. It is under my consideration that as a software engineer one's task is to design/deploy web services using an application server and some integration design tool and to provide mediation software modules to decouple existing web services.

The thing is I am not familiar with SOA philosophy and am still a bit lost in various documentation.

I understand the tools used are application servers(like WebSphere or Jboss) development environments (like Java EE Eclipse or IBM Integration Designer).

I need a concrete example from Alpha to Omega on how a SW engineer acts in deploying a business integration project.

E.g what kind of enterprise could one collaborate with and what kind of business logic has to implement...

I know my question is vague but I am starting from scratch and I need to understand essential concepts.

Any advice would be accepted as well.

Thank you!

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An exceptionally broad question and myriad answers. I suggest you start with this. It should provide a good begining understanding of SOA.

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Thank you! I also encountered some IBM redbooks which are pretty enlightening redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247234.html?Open –  SoulMagnet May 4 '13 at 19:17

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