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I have a client-server model software which uses Windows sockets for communication. It works absolutely fine on most windows xp systems and windows 7 systems. But on some XP and 7 systems, there is always a delay in the time taken for the message to reach from client to server and vice versa. I checked the logs, and it suggests that the message has left the client, and the server log shows it receives the data after a long period.

In the systems it works, time taken is few milliseconds, but in the ones it doesn't work it is about 20-30 seconds.

Has anyone faced any issues such as this? Or can anyone suggest what I can do? Maybe some environment settings or so ?

All systems tested with are 32 bit systems. (Tested with latest computers as well, so it is not an issue of say maybe slow computer)

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Have you tried tracert to see if you have a routing issue? support.microsoft.com/kb/162326 –  Roger Rowland May 3 '13 at 13:28
@RogerRowland Client and Server are on same machine for testing purpose –  user1692342 May 4 '13 at 6:11

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